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Misbehave with Love Heals! Ooh, it's the 1980's!

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There are certain parties in the Hamptons that just seem to usher in event season, but some organizations do things with a bit more panache. Love Heals, a charity that benefits HIV/AIDS education, knows how to throw down. Last year, they went with a Gatsby themed gala, and this year, they are definitely changing things up. The Let's Misbehave party is like, so outrageous! Wolffer Estates at 139 Sagg Road will host East End notables tonight with a 1980's bash. What can we say? That's just so choice!
American Idol and Rock of Ages star Constantine is performing, and he's always got a few tricks up his sleeve. As for cover band Jessie's Girl, we're pretty sure the dance floor will stay packed! This must-attend fete is sold out online, but tickets are still available at the door. Our thoughts? Embrace time travel with Love Heals, we love the 1980's!