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Aw, Snap! Kim Kardashian Rakes in Millions from A-list App!

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We weren't going to visit the Kim Kardashian well again, but we just can't stop shaking our heads over this story. The reality star is always in the news, and she's taken some rough shots from the media. To be fair, once you've gone public with a sex tape, taking the high road is a thing of the past. No matter what your opinion is of this lusty minx, poor will never be an adjective used to describe her. Get this, Forbes reported that the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app is projected to pull in more than $200M. WTF? Of the forecasted earnings, experts are saying that Kim will rake in around $85M. Seriously?

Naysayers are calling the game shallow. The object of the app is to become an A-list celebrity, so this criticism is hardly surprising. What have we learned? Kim's dalliance with Southampton this summer was nothing more than a publicity stunt. Yes, the K-crew got fodder the E! reality show Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons. But the real lesson is that raising your public profile can net you millions from a smartphone. Kids, we hope you are writing this down!