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Sniffle: Anderson Cooper is Abandoning the Hamptons

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It seems our worst fears have come true. Anderson Cooper is moving those blue eyes of his away from the Hamptons. He recently purchased a lovely c. 1908 Tudor house in Litchfield, Connecticut, which, we need hardly point out, is not in the Hamptons. Having put one of the cottages he owns in Quiogue on the market, he has now put up the second cottage for sale. The 3,800sf house, on 2.3 acres, is lovely with its stone fireplace, exposed beams, and built-ins. Asking price is $3.559M, which seems reasonable, if anything in this whole sad situation can be called "reasonable."

Anderson—was it something we said? Something we did? Tell us so we can make it right! Just think: if you move away, how will you ever be the future Mr. Curbed Hamptons? Litchfield doesn't even have a Curbed site! Excuse us, we seem to have something in our eye…
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