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Top Dogs Nominees 7-10: Bella & Russell, Wally, Paul, and Tomo

As part of Curbed Outdoors Week 2014, we asked for the best places to take your dog in the Hamptons. Tomorrow, we put it up for a vote.

Introducing Bella, an Alaskan malamute mix, and Russell, part beagle and part Jack Russell. They say, via owner Patrick:

Our favorite spot is the sands of Beach Lane so we can walk towards Georgica Pond. We're there mostly in the morning and love hanging with our dog posse! But if you ever hear what sounds like an Indian war cry from some old movie (or a cat tortured) on the beach, don't be alarmed. It's just me, Bella, screeching with excitement as I race to the water. I'm part Alaskan Malamute and we have a tendency to scream. Russell is bit of a barky pants as well! Say hello next time you see us!

Next up is chihuahua Wally. Owner Valerie says:

Wally's favorite is Road D Beach in Southampton.

Cockapoo Paul has been coming to Main Beach since he was a puppy. Owner Elizabeth explains:

He loves getting out of the city and as soon as we make the turn by the duck pond he starts whining with anticipation. We bring him after 6PM and he loves to run in the surf, dig up seashells and yes, pee on sandcastles left behind by the day's kiddies!

Our final contender is Tomo, a Shiba Inu. His owner, Emily, says,

We are a Montauk family and I take Tomo to the beach area just west of Navy Beach.