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Top Dogs Nominees 4-6: Fergus & Lulu; Molly & Buddy; Daisy

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As part of Curbed Outdoors Week 2014, we asked for the best places to take your dog in the Hamptons. On Friday, we put it up for a vote.

Meet Fergus and Lulu, two Alaskan Malamutes who reside in East Hampton. Their owner, January, says:

Fergus is two years old and Lulu is six years old. Their favorite place to hike in the Hamptons is Barcelona Neck in Sag Harbor. After a beautiful one-mile hike through the woods, they get to frolic in the water and cool down before heading home for breakfast!

Next up is Molly and Buddy. Owner Neil says:

Our favorite place to take Molly and Buddy is Two Mile Hollow Beach in East Hampton. We love to take the dogs on a walk after six PM when the sun is beginning to set and the temperatures are cooler.

Today's last contender is Daisy. Owner Allen reports:

Nothing Daisy likes better than a cool July Monday evening in Wiborg Beach when she has it all to herself and can flout the leash law.