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SoulCycle Instructor Gets Real about Boot Camp!

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SoulCycle is quickly taking over the fitness world with flashy yellow bikes, hot instructors, and badass music. But, don't think the company is only about peddling. At the East Hampton studio, located at 68 Newtown Lane, everyone is hopping off their bicycles and marching into SoulSummer Body. Sound intimidating? We're not gonna lie, it's tough! You feel the burn in a different way, but it's just as inspiring as the traditional classes. We caught up with SoulCycle instructor Akin Akman who opened up about the advantages of boot camp, pushing beyond your comfort zone, and cookie dough ice cream.

It's so exciting that SoulCycle is offering boot camp in East Hampton! What's a typical class like?
My SoulSummer Body class uses both plyometrics and calisthenics to build endurance while targeting different muscle groups. The workout focuses on form, agility, strength, and endurance. The movements used in the workout are inspired by the music--like SoulCycle--and the class tests your physical and mental boundaries.

If someone only cycles, should they be nervous to take up boot camp? What tips do you have for a newbie?
Boot camp can sound intimidating but everyone should definitely try my class! Much like SoulCycle, SoulSummer Body is a workout that demands commitment, but once you keep coming consistently, your body will be trained to perform at high levels for any physical activity you tackle. And, it will improve and strengthen your ride!

Since you're obviously known for cycling, does SoulSummer Body work different muscle groups? Will your class help us become better riders?
My SoulSummer Body classes are designed to strengthen muscles used in cycling such as the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and core, and will make you a stronger rider and athlete. The structure of the class combines both aerobic and anaerobic exercises, which consequently pushes everyone outside their comfort zone. The result is stronger and leaner muscle.
Any chance boot camp will progress from the Hamptons to NYC?
Our riders love the class--its s huge success! Stay tuned on that one.

Speaking of the city, is it a different vibe when you're teaching in the Hamptons?
There is absolutely a different vibe in the Hamptons. New York is crazy, and so fast, in the best way possible whereas the Hamptons has a much more relaxed vibe--which I love as well. When it comes down to the workout, both bring the fire.

Let's dish on the Hamptons! What does your perfect day entail?
My perfect day in the Hamptons? Easy! I wake up to teach my 7:30 and 8:30am SoulCycle double followed by an 11:15am SoulSummer Body class and then teach another 12:45 pm SoulCycle class. Then I head out to the beach, take a SoulCycle class myself, and go out to dinner. The great weather and amazing beach make the time fly by.

What's your favorite beach in the Hamptons?
Peter's Pond…but my favorite beach ever is in Cesme, Turkey, where I spend most of my summers with my family.

How about your favorite restaurant on the East End?
It's Tutto Il Giornio in Sag Harbor.

What's your favorite guilty pleasure food?
Cookie dough ice cream!

What would your students be most surprised to learn about you?
I ran the mile in 4:32 when I was 13. And, I had two herniated discs when I was 17 and pretty much couldn't walk for near 8 months!

Please note, book SoulSummer Body with a regular Hamptons class series; the class is $40.