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New Construction in Wainscott!

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So many people want to flex their creative muscles and show off exactly how they would put their own unique stamp on a home. Guess what? This new listing at 32 Wainscott Hollow Road lets you do exactly that! We're not saying it's devoid of personality (okay, maybe a little), but it sure puts the term white box into perspective. On the plus side, it's listed at just under $6M, and that's not a terrible ask for South of the Highway. With 7 beds and 8.5 baths, certainly nobody will be fighting to take a shower. Let's be honest, extra washrooms are key when you've got friends crashing at your beach house! An open floor plan, heated pool, and finished basement round out this traditional cedar shingle house. What do we think, is it worth the money?

Brand new! [Corcoran]