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Another Historic Home About to Meet the Bulldozer?

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Andrew Zaro, chairman of Cavalry Portfolio Services, and second largest consumer of water in the Hamptons, not to mention owner of $33M estate Rose Hill Point, is poised to knock down this historic waterfront house in Water Mill. The house was built between 1750 and 1800 for Caleb Halsey (1755-1810). (Fun fact about Caleb Halsey: he married a lady called Susannah Halsey, saving on monogramming.) Anyway, the house was originally not waterfront, which makes sense because our ancestors didn't care as much about sea views as we do. The house was moved down to the waterfront about 1930 or so and remodeled in the Colonial Revival style. (Nothing like taking a genuine Colonial house and remodeling it into a Colonial Revival, but we digress.) The owners found an 1804 penny in the attic, so the house was called "Penny Haven."

Zaro bought the property for $13M in 2012. He wants to demolish the house and build an 8000sf house in its place. Local preservationists want Zaro to donate the house and hopefully pay to move it; Zaro says he will donate, but won't pay the $20,000 (or so) it would cost to move the place. Unless someone steps in at the last moment, the house is a goner.
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