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Happy Birthday, School's Out!

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What's the best way to arrive at an event? In a chic little number, of course! And, no, we're not talking about the fashion. At last night's School's Out benefit in East Hampton for the Hetrick-Martin Institute [HMI], an organization that aids troubled LGBT youth, guests were shuttled to the cocktail party in a parade of Mini Coopers, courtesy of Greater Gotham. Co-hosted by interior designer Scott Sanders and his partner, Peter Wilson, attendees once again did not disappoint, sporting look-at-me ensembles in every color of the rainbow. Such a festive occasion, the crowd that loves to show up and show off celebrated 15 years of fundraising in the Hamptons. Bravo's Watch What Happens Live host and honorary chair, Andy Cohen, was in quite the jovial mood. We even spotted him posing for selfies with fans! Our thoughts? Happy Birthday, School's Out!