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The Skinny on the Pop-Up Kardashian Boutique

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Like it or not, the Kardashian frenzy is dominating the Hamptons newswire. Reality stars Kourtney and Khloe started filming the East End installment of Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons!, and news of the sisters recently lunching together at 75 Main in Southampton was immediately gobbled up K-loving gawkers. So, is all of this much ado about nothing? The family matriarch Kris Jenner sure thinks the negative publicity is just an act. When interviewed by Hoda Kotb on the Today Show, Jenner defended her daughters and quipped, "They love us there! They love us there! Contrary to popular belief, everyone is really excited that they're there."
With so much Kardashian drama still making headlines, we wondered, what is their pop-up boutique, Dash, actually selling? We know this much: it's incredibly small, as in 600 square feet. Translation: get ready to stand in line if you want to shop. As for the goods peddled at Dash, the retailer surprisingly doesn't feature many bedazzled tchotchkes. Obviously, daytrippers are not-so-secretly dying inside. The brands Camilla, Peace Love World, and Wildfox are featured- think skimpy bikinis and strapless cocktail wear. Here's the kicker, if you want to sport the Kardashian Kolletion, bypass Dash altogether and head straight for the closest Sears.