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Lullanest Baby Boutique Opens in East Hampton

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New mom Katerina Williams couldn't find a store in the Hamptons that had everything she needed for her baby, so she opened her own. Lullanest offers all the products you need for your little one—clothing, furniture, strollers, toiletries—combined with a staff who are educated about the best and safest products on the market, making shopping relaxed and stress-free. Brands carried include the Honest Company, Maclaren, Orbit Baby, Stokke, and Uppababy. With a roster of regular workshops given by childcare experts in-store and live streamed online, Lullanest will also serve as a meeting ground and learning center for expectant parents. Katerina, who's expecting her second baby this summer, says, "I created Lullanest for parents like me—those wishing to be guided through the nesting process by a team offering educated advice and better, safer products for baby."
· Lullanest [Official]