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From the Curbed Mailbag

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"Meet one Million Dollar Listing star who is himself a multi-millionaire (Wikipedia told me) and who turns out to be a million dollar pig! I'm a seasoned real estate investor who leases his beach front home for one week each summer. One would think that this very temporary tenant is the ideal person to rent to as he is a broker in NYC who suffers from his own fame as well as representing a very well-known real estate company. … Let's call him Freddie von English. Freddie as it turns out may have a pile of dough but he lacks any form of respect for anything that doesn't belong to him. Apparently despite his genetic intelligence, again according to Wikipedia, the man is a first class slob who thought that it was okay to return the house to its owner in a condition that would befit some drunken frat boy on spring break. Let me elucidate here and tell you that one of the stall showers was used as a potty box; apparently he either practices unprotected sex or is incontinent, judging from the stains on the bed linens; and lastly the house is supposed to be returned in the same immaculate condition that it was delivered and not in disarray as if evacuated during a tornado warning." [Curbedwire]