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5 Surefire Ways to Look Sexy at the Beach!

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Let's face it, we all want to look hot at the beach. While you might not have the killer bod that you've been lusting after just yet, here are a few tricks for looking sultry on the sand…

1. Suit up!

Aussie designer Nicky Zimmermann recently brought her brand of sexy to the heart of East Hampton's shopping district, where each boutique is inexplicably more charming than the next. Sitting pretty at 27 Newtown Lane, we are smitten with the sheer volume of gorgeous bikinis and one-pieces. We spied chic swimwear in fashion forward prints and look-at-me colors. Sleek and chic, this beachwear is ultra flattering with just the right amount of naughty. If you want to show up and show off this summer, Zimmermann East Hampton is an absolute must!

2. Glow on!

The folks at the Montauk Juice Factory flung open their doors this summer at 12 South Etna Avenue in Montuak. If their enthusiasm for being healthy doesn't inspire you to give juicing a whirl, then nothing will. As for looking sexy on the sand, we're recommending Liquid Sunshine. Cold pressed with pineapple, aloe, and orange, these citrus notes are chocked full of everything that's good for you. The best part? It really gives your face that enviable sun-kissed glow!

3. Embrace the Bronze Age!

Looking pasty at the beach is hardly cause for celebration. Well, there is a simple remedy for that, and we would never dream of suggesting that you actually drive to the salon. Hell no! Hamptons Mobile Spray Tan is as self-explanatory as it sounds. Translation: the tanning mobile comes to your door. After being drenched with bronzer, you can get dressed in record breaking time. The best part? Easy abs without dieting. We just love the magic of a strategic tanning gun! Remember, white buns only look good with lobster rolls!

4. Cover it up!

Even at the shore, sometimes less really is more! Club Monaco at 35 Main Street in Southampton offers a laidback approach to beachwear that gives off a cool girl vibe that says I'm not trying too hard, but I always look good. Their Beach Boutique promotes a well-traveled aesthetic that is as sexy as it is smart. We're also loving the retailer's new collaboration with Campbell Jewelry. These eye-catching baubles are sure to glam up your caftans. Just think St. Tropez meets the Hamptons!

5. Seduce with the senses!

This summer, we're loving Bvlgari's new perfume, Omnia Indian Garnet. It evokes a sense of mystery wrapped up in fiery radiance. Stealth yet provocative, notes of amber, tuberose, and saffron effortlessly make a statement. Bonus, the bottle looks like jewelry. Oh la la!