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The Bridgehampton Home of Ad Legend Jon Bond as Pictured in Architectural Digest

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The 1840s weekend home of advertising and marketing professionals Rebecca and Jon Bond originally belonged to one of the Hildreths. Now it's a relaxing, stylish home for their young family. Jon, who founded the ad agency Kirshenbaum & Bond, and met his now-wife as a client, told her regarding the design, "I want furniture to sit on—I don't want perching furniture." The palette is of soothing neutrals, warmed up with colors like the violet chair in the living room and patterns, such as the striped rugs. Layers of textures—stone, wood, metal, brick, fluffy textiles—keep the interiors interesting. Many of the textiles are by Rebecca's designer friend Madeline Weinrib. Rebecca says, "You have to be a little more eclectic—it's how things become interesting."
· Rebecca and Jon Bond's Stylish Family-Friendly Home in the Hamptons [AD]