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Hobnob with the Nabobs in Georgica for $6.395M

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Location couldn't be better for this property: right on Apaquogue Road, just a few hundred feet from the entrance to Georgica Beach, next to open fields looking at Lily Pond, right across the street from Grey Gardens, down the road from that nice Mr. Spielberg, you name it. However, the property itself is only 0.6 of an acre, with no pool although there is room for one. The house is 3500sf, with six bedrooms and four bathrooms. Photos of the interior are skimpy, although what's pictured is pleasant enough if a bit bland and traditional. The listing says, "Upstairs there is a beautiful master suite with renovated bath, separate office and two private terraces which offer breathtaking views toward Lily Pond." So why no pictures?
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