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Q+A with a Physique 57 Instructor!

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Now that summer is finally here, it's time to tone up! We sat down with Physique 57 instructor Meredith Shumway for some advice on how to chisel our abs and clean up our diets. The Bridgehampton studio is bringing new workouts to the East End that focus on strengthening the core and sculpting the body. Intense? Yes! Effective? Definitely!

Tell us about the new Physique 57 class in the Hamptons. What makes it such a great workout?
This summer we have 2 new classes debuting in Bridgehampton, Mat 57 and Physique Asana. Mat 57 is the perfect summer class since it really chisels your abs and focuses on the core. It's an intense, updated form of classical Pilates with sequences of challenging exercises to strengthen the abs and back muscles and sculpt the thigh, seat and arm muscles for a total body workout. Physique Asana is a brand new class we are launching in the Hamptons. It's a 60-minute class that weaves together signature Physique 57 exercises with traditional yoga poses. It's really the best of both worlds.

Will it get us bikini ready?
Of course! Mat 57 really works your core and focuses heavily on your abs which is usually the biggest concern when prepping for bikini season. Physique Asana is a full body workout that will tone your arms, thighs, seat and of course abs.

What exercises should we do at home to get in shape for looking good at the beach?
Ab exercises are great to do at home since they don't require any equipment. Lie on your back and scissor your legs, curling up and reaching opposite hand to opposite foot as you twist through your waistline. Push-ups are also a great exercise that works the entire body and can be done anywhere! We have a great selection of online workouts on that can be done from home or when traveling.
Any tips for cleaning up our diets to look toned in a bathing suit?
Looking toned in a bathing suit is always our first concern as the summer nears. The first thing I do to get bikini ready is reduce my sugar intake and amp up my water consumption. I also increase my good fats like those that are in avocados and nuts. Since the Hamptons are abundant with local farmers, I try to consume only local produce, which cuts out anything artificial from my diet completely.

What's your favorite thing about the Hamptons?
My favorite thing about the Hamptons would definitely have to be the local community. There are so many family run and owned businesses, which makes this place original and truly amazing! A lot of cities have lost their individuality, which is part of the reason why I can't seem to leave here!

Are the classes different from those in NYC?
Mat 57 is offered at our NYC studios and just blew up this year so we decided to bring it out East. However, Physique Asana is a brand new class that will launch exclusively at our Bridgehampton studio this summer. In addition to these classes, we will also have our signature classes in all 4 levels as well as Physique Cardio and Physique Stretch.

Describe your perfect day on the East End…
My perfect day on the East End would start with incredible weather and a walk along the beach with my dog Bailey. Exercising in the Hamptons in the summer is necessary and luckily we have so many resources available to us to reach our personal fitness goals. I usually start my day with toning and conditioning at Physique 57 followed by an outdoor bike ride. Then head to the best brunch in the world at Estia's Little Kitchen. And what would be the perfect day in the Hamptons be without the beach? I'll usually head to Montauk and spend my afternoon on the beach at Gurney's Inn. I love the vibe and atmosphere they've set. Their food, drinks and beachside cabanas are also a must! The one thing I love about the Hamptons is that you can walk off the beach and into a restaurant, especially in Montauk. So I'll usually catch the sunset at Navy Beach with some incredible local seafood and rosé. It's hard not to have the perfect day on the East End when the weather is beautiful.

Navy Beach Restaurant

16 Navy Road, Montauk, NY 11954 631-668-6868

Gurney's Inn Resort & Spa

290 Old Montauk Highway, Montauk, NY 11954 631 668 2345