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Historic Quogue Estate Belle Mead is Back on the Market

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Back in 2011, we reported that the Quogue property called Belle Mead was finally off the market after years of pricechops. The place sold for $5.4M; agent Enzo Morabito explained the buyer was planning "to rip the mansion apart piece by piece to recreate it to its former glory as intended by the famed architect Stanford White." Well, you can see the results here. The asking price now is $15.5M.

The house was commissioned by textile family the Greeffs in 1906; Stanford White was shot in June 1906, so who knows how much input he had into the design. The house was later purchased by Eileen and Jerry Ford of Ford Models, and then by the Cushing family, whose daughter's wedding at the house was pictured in Martha Stewart's book Weddings.

So what do you get for your $15.5M? An historic 31-room mansion with 16,000sf, 11 bedrooms, 9 baths and two half-baths, 3.4 acres of grounds near the ocean, a saltwater pool and tennis court. Price seems pretty high. For that much, you can get oceanfront—granted, the house wouldn't be as beautiful.
· 23 Shinnecock Road [Elliman]