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3.5 Acres of Georgica Plus House, Pool, Tennis, Golf for $11.9M

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Yay! A new Gary DePersia listing! Unfortunately, the master is losing his touch, as this listing starts, "Defined by an anesthetic that reaches across centuries." (All together now: "I-I-I-I have become…comfortably numb...") Later, the listing mentions the "apple orchid." Autocorrect is not our friend.

But we digress. The property has everything you could want: plenty of land in a great location; 60' pool with "lounge," potting shed and cabana; tennis court with pavilion; an "80 yard golf hole;" and a 7700sf house with 7 bedrooms and 9.5 baths, staff apartment, gym, sauna, and wine cellar. The house itself is suffering a bit from the 90s, but nothing a good renovation/redecorating couldn't sort out.

Price is fairly reasonable, we think. The house right next door at 33 Ruxton is for sale for one million dollars more, and while we like that house (designed by Robert AM Stern) better, the property is only 2.32 acres with no tennis. And no apple orchid.
· Ruxton Road at Cove Hollow Farm [Corcoran]