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Is An Elegant Village Cape Overpriced at $5.9M?

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We're kind of confused by this listing. The pictures start out really beautiful—love the living room, kitchen, master bedroom—and then everyone seems to lose interest by the guest rooms. Just mattress pads on the beds in the listing for a six-million-dollar house? Speaking of which, we also don't really understand the price. While the cape is attractive and spacious at 4000sf, and there's a pool, and it's in a nice section of Southampton, this just doesn't seem to add up to six million bucks. There's only 0.34 acre of land. We featured the house next door a year and a half ago with the title "A Big House on a Little Lot Asks $6.25M," but that place didn't sell. This property last sold for $5.125M back in 2004. What do you make of the place?
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