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Waterfront in Water Mill Pricechopped $5M

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Back in September 2013, we opined that "We think $15M is a much more realistic asking price" for this house, known as "Bois Dorés." Shoulda listened back then, sellers. Now the price is $15M. Commenters back then pointed out that for that much cash, they wanted waterfront that's not on buggy Mill Pond, which is a fair point. If you coat yourself with Deep Woods Off, though, that bench on the water in the photos looks peaceful and inviting. You do get a lot for your money: 5.65 acres—quite a good size spread—with 350 feet of waterfront, the requisite pool and a sunken tennis court. The house itself is large, 11,380 square feet, with seven bedrooms and 9.5 baths.
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