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Bijou East Hampton Village Cottage for $795K

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This c. 1910 cottage is very cute: it offers a retro 50s kitchen, living room, dining room, sunroom, three bedrooms in 1432sf of space. There's only one bath but the listing states that there is room for a second full bath by converting part of a hallway. With 0.19 acre of land, there is actually room for a pool, and with a detached garage on the lot line, you could rebuild in the same footprint as a pool house. Downside is that the property is right on Pantigo Road next to Hildreth's, and we think it's overpriced at $795K, considering that it last sold for $440K in September 2013. Still, it's not that easy to find a cottage in the village at the price point, and the location is convenient, so it will probably find a buyer soon.
· 111 Pantigo Road [Corcoran]