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This Wainscott House is Even More Reasonable Now

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Back in January, a prospective homebuyer asked about 393 Montauk Highway in Wainscott.

My wife and I are looking at 393 Montauk Highway, Wainscott. We are not totally familiar with the East Hampton area. The property is SOH in name only essentially; there are no roads that run south once you turn off the highway. This concerns us, as does proximity to airport. On the positives, it is 1.6 acres and recessed a ways off Montauk Highway; it is also 825K which seems very fair, but again we have very little knowledge of anything out east. They say room for a pool also. Would you consider being on MHW a nonstarter? Are we better off looking north of highway for our budget (700-800K)?

Opinions in the comments were mixed. Obviously there are tradeoffs to any property, this one being most likely road noise. We recently noticed that the price has dropped almost 10%, down to $749K, making this place even more reasonable. So any homebuyers out there—maybe even the original writer—is the price now low enough to get you to buy?
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