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Summer Solstice in Springs

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Of the many charities on the East End, The Animal Rescue Fund [ARF] is one of our absolute favorites! This no-kill animal shelter has found new homes for more than 20,000 cats and dogs. Please wait a second while our hearts collectively melt. Next Saturday, June 21st from 10 am until 4 pm, ARF will hold the 28th annual Garden Tour, Summer Solstice in Springs. Self-guided tickets start at $85. Bonus, they will throw in a wine tasting if you splurge on the $175 option. Not too shabby!

Featuring six gardens of notable homes in the hamlet of the Springs in East Hampton, expect to find toxin-free gardening. Translation: there's no deer culling here. Modernism, salt marshes, and historic houses are on the docket for this day of enchantment, which is sure to transport you to another world. Let's face it, we all love sneaking a peek in our neighbor's backyard- all the better if famous design firms are involved!