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Confessions of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Supermodel!

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Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Julie Henderson is leggy, blonde, and gorgeous. One glance at her, and this information is not exactly groundbreaking- it's true. Lucky for us, her beauty extends far beyond her good looks. Henderson just launched a cruelty-free makeup line in partnership with Au Naturale, and we caught up with her to discuss the benefits of the Beach Bombshell Box (trust us, it's a must-have for a glowing complexion!), getting a bikini ready body, and her love of the Hamptons. Spoiler alert, she's as nice as she is pretty. Why do beach babes have all the luck?

Congratulations on your partnership and capsule collection with Au Naturale.
Oh, thank you!

The products are vegan and organic, so why is this important? Is this actually healthier for the skin?
I learned a lot through this process, and your face absorbs 60% of what you put on it. It's not toxic, so everything that you put on your face with this makeup is good for you. You don't really have to worry about breakouts, allergic reactions, or anything like that.

Have you personally experienced a difference?
Yes, my skin feels fresher. Au Naturale doesn't cake onto your face, so you don't have that heavy, thick makeup feeling. Your skin can breathe, and it just feels better.

Everyone wants to look like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. So, how do you get in shape for summer?
Well, I get kind of bored with doing the same workout. I can't only just run; I have to always change things up. So, I'll do yoga, then run, and maybe some kind of barre class. I have to keep myself interested; otherwise, I won't ever do it.

You know, it seems like there is a new fitness trend every week. What's your favorite workout right now?
I really enjoy the barre classes. I feel like they are a good way to get a solid workout in without leaving the class completely drenched in sweat. Because then, you have to immediately shower and redo your hair. I can easily fit a barre class in the middle of my day, and I don't have to really fuss when I'm done. It's not like the whole production of going on a three mile run.

We know what you mean. Boot camp classes will definitely drench you.
Oh yeah!

Clearly, you are into barre. How do this help you get bikini ready?
The barre classes give you an entire body workout, and it really targets all of the places that you want to see quick results. You get that nice, lean look.

Speaking of swimsuits, what bikini style do you think is most flattering on females? You are the expert!
Well, it depends on your body type, but I'm just really a fan of basic string bikinis. You can adjust this classic look to show a little more or a little less skin. Plus, this style looks good on everyone. But, if you don't have a busty chest, I feel like you can get creative and wear a really fun top.

And, dishing on the Hamptons, how much time do you spend on the East End?
I've spent the past 5 summers out there. I love it!

What's your favorite beach?
I like Flying Point Beach.
Good choice! You know, we interviewed Eric Ripert last summer, and told us that Flying Point was his favorite beach as well!

So tell us, how does a Sports Illustrated bikini model have fun out here? What does your perfect weekend in the Hamptons look like?
I like to go out there and totally relax and chill. I'm either by the pool or on the beach and having sunset cocktails at a friend's house. I like to be really mellow, and I'm not a huge partier in the Hamptons. I don't socialize all that much out there.

Well, everybody needs downtime! So, what's your favorite event of the season?
I really like Super Saturday. It's for a good cause, and you get to shop!

What about Bridgehampton polo? Will you be in attendance?
I hope so. If I'm around, yes.

Who is your favorite player?
Let's be honest, I'm a girl, so it's Nacho Figueras! I think he is so cute! I mean, how could you not? He is polo!