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Friday the 13th, Sip Cocktails at Chas Addams' House

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Who doesn't love Charles Addams' ghoulishly fun art? Tour his house and studio in Sagaponack on Friday from 5:13 to 8:13. See original artwork, his personal collections, and enjoy the beauty of his estate with great local music, wines and seafood. And it's all in a good cause: proceeds support the Conscience Point Shellfish Hatchery, a project of Sea Scouts Ship 908.

The Conscience Point Shellfish Hatchery was started by Ship 908 of the Sea Scouts, in North Sea. (The Sea Scouts are the maritime division of the Boy Scouts of America's Venturing Program.) Since early 2012, the Sea Scouts Ship 908 have been raising oysters in North Sea Harbor, in a floating upwell system that feeds the tiny spats a constant stream of nutrients and algae, while protecting them from predators. Every week nearly 150,000 baby oysters have doubled in size. What began as a summer in-water oyster hatchery has turned into a community-driven construction project for a portable shellfish hatchery at Conscience Point, alongside North Sea Harbor. Proceeds from this event will be used to purchase needed equipment.

Tickets are $100 and may be purchased here: [LINK].
· Conscience Point Hatchery [Official]