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Ralph Lauren X The East Hampton Historical Society

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Ralph Lauren has a rich past of supporting the East Hampton Historical Society [EHHS]. This summer, the lifestyle brand that reads like a walking advertisement for the East End, is revamping the historic Hedges Barn. RL has moved beyond the scope of the original project, which entailed restoring the 300-year old Mulford Farm, which resides in the middle of East Hampton. According to RL Magazine, the newest venture involves, bringing the historic Hedges Barn to the farm in order to rescue it from dilapidation. Color us impressed! Richard Barons, executive director of the EHHS, said, "…you have a real 3-D colonial world before your very eyes. Rarely do we find such a combined energy to honor our village's past."

Fifty percent of proceeds from the East Hampton Historical Society Collection, which include tees, baseball caps, and some really cute loungewear benefit the Mulford Farm Restoration. As for our part, we are loving the East Hampton waffle knit crew. The true indigo dye gives this shirt an authentic sensibility that is juxtaposed with a brightly colored red anchor at the cuff. Our thoughts? Charitable fashion, now that really is chic!

Mullford Farm

10 James Lane, East Hampton, NY 11937