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5 Luxury Services You Wish You Could Afford

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The Hamptons lifestyle just seems to conjure up decadence, and we've got the scoop on elite at-home services. Fantasy for most of us, we've rounded up some outrageous amenities that capture what the South of the Highway folks think of as daily life.

Finally, a food concierge.
The Skinny: Yes, it's a bit decadent, but getting food delivered in the Hamptons is no easy task. Enter, South Fork and Spoon. Featuring ready-to-grill dinner baskets, beach picnic baskets, and customized shopping lists, we think this is a luxury service in which everybody should indulge. Bonus, they will even stock your bar. There's just one thing to say, cheers!
Cost: $40 and up (price depends on package)

Fido takes a turn!
The Skinny: The Hamptons Canine Concierge pampers your pooch with the most decadent services on the East End. If your pet is looking a little blue, maybe he just needs acupuncture or a visit to the stylist. With health and wellness being the main focus, services range from playdates to appointments with personal trainers (perhaps doggy yoga is involved). This sounds so posh that we're hoping they will schedule us for some r&r!
Cost: rates vary

Glam it up.
The Skinny: Last week, we reported on the benefits of using the Uber car service to get to the East End. Now, we think that Uber Beauty deserves a look. Capitalizing on a moneyed crowd that wants everything yesterday, this at-home service lets you live the glamorous life with the convenience-factor of staying in your own digs. Schedule stylists to appear on your doorstep on-demand. Services include highlights, blowouts, hair relaxing treatments, and makeup application.
Cost: $90-$800

A rose by any other name…
The Skinny: When Christie Brinkley and the Barefoot Contessa are on your testimonial page, then it's obvious that you are doing something right! The Bridgehampton Florist is notorious for some of the most beautiful bouquets in the Hamptons. According to the website, you can schedule an in-home biweekly service customized to your home's interior. Decadent? Yes. Gorgeous? Definitely.
Cost: rates vary

The best sheets ever!
The Skinny: If you just can't bear the thought of having a less than perfect linen closet, then French Presse is your jam. These gurus of bedding will take control of your mattress pads, sheets, towels, pillows, and basically everything that has to do with you resting on cotton and create a personalized linen maintenance plan. If you are renting, no worries, they are more than happy to coordinate with your caretaker. Phew!
Cost: rates vary