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Goose Creek Waddles Off into the Sunset

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Let's check in with some recent home sales. Goose Creek, of course, was on the market for years and years; the 25,000sf house's first asking price, around the time the dinosaurs roamed the earth, was $26M. It finally sold for $10.55M.

Next is this East Hampton two-bedroom on pretty Dayton Lane, which hit the market at $1.795M. Commenters back in January liked the house but argued about whether it was overpriced or not; turns out it wasn't, as it sold for full asking.

In September, we wrote about this modest oceanfront Sagaponack beach house. Most commenters said the house is a teardown, but the land (almost an acre) is great. Asking price was $11.5M; it sold for $10.25M.