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South Fork & Spoon: a Food Concierge Service in the Hamptons

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This is a great idea—after fighting your way through traffic, wouldn't it be nice to arrive at your Hamptons house on a summer Friday night to find the place stocked with food and wine? Last thing anyone feels like is hitting the grocery store, and while you can pack a cooler to bring along, that's one more thing to deal with on each end.

South Fork & Spoon makes your summer weekends much less stressful by offering three types of services. The first is ready-to-cook meals, including ready-to-grill dinner baskets, DIY cocktail party baskets, beach picnic baskets, or babysitter baskets (food for the kids and food for the sitter) delivered to your door. Another service is delivery via your shopping list from an array of local vendors. The third is Weekend Home Preparation, which offers services like turning on lights, AC/heat, chilling the wine, filling the coffee machine, checking the ice maker, and putting fresh flowers around the house.

Prices are actually fairly competitive with restaurant meals. The Hamptons Steak Dinner for two is $165, and includes steaks, a cheese plate, bread, tomatoes & mozzarella, corn on the cob and fresh vegetables. Picnic baskets for families or romantic meals for two can be delivered to the beach, and wine/liquor is available at cost. Sounds good to us!
· South Fork & Spoon [Official site]