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Make This BH Victorian with Carriage House Your B&B

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Large, gorgeous Victorian house just bursting with charm and character. A carriage house out back that earns its keep via rentals. What's the catch? The catch is the location: right in the worst traffic in the Hamptons, pretty much. Plus, it's only going to get worse if the planned CVS is built right next door.

A good use for this property would be as a B&B. The listing says "potentially 5 en-suite bedrooms in the house and four additional bedrooms in the carriage house." There are also multiple porches, decks, and patios for guests; property size is 0.7 acre with room for a pool. Unfortunately, the pictures are very dark—the ones shown we've brightened with Photoshop. Asking price is $2.8M, which seems high, especially given the place needs a new roof.
· Village Bed And Breakfast with Carriage House [BHS]