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This Beautiful Further Lane Property Just Sold for a Recordbreaking $147M

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Yes! Suck it, everyone else. Bite us, Greenwich, Connecticut. The Hamptons will not be denied when it comes to laughable real estate prices! We must say, though, that if any property is worth that kind of dosh, it's this one. 60 Further Lane, the 18-acre showplace lovingly designed by Christopher Browne and Andrew Gordon before their deaths, has been sold for a recordbreaking $147 million to Barry Rosenstein, head of activist hedge fund Jana Partners. According to Forbes, Rosenstein's earnings from the fund were $140 million last year, so we assume that he has some spare change for furniture for his new house.

The property sounds magical. According to a 2007 New York Times article, the gardens were planned and dug before the house, much as with Christopher Browne's previous house, Chateau Amorois. The 500' water lily pond in the center of the property was dug because of the couple's love for water, with pathways and jetties around it. It's sad that both men didn't live very long to enjoy the beautiful place they created together; we hope Mr. Rosenstein doesn't change much of the garden, anyway.