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Transform Your Body This Summer with Tracy Anderson

Feeling flabby after a long, cold winter? You're in luck—the only Tracy Anderson studio in the country where a membership isn't required, in Water Mill, will be reopening Memorial Day weekend. And from now till then, you can get 20% off a package of 10 classes using promo code SUMMER at this link.

Want to train with Tracy Anderson herself? ViTAlity Weeks offer the opportunity to work with Tracy and her senior team. In Water Mill, these will be held during the weeks of June 23rd and August 4th. During two-hour daily workouts Tracy will get to know how you move, and she will then give you the tools to improve your body. You'll attend empowering lectures and Q & A sessions, giving you the ability to physically transform yourself with the Tracy Anderson Method.
· Vitality Weeks [TA]