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More on the Kardashian Report!

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Pretty much every news organization reporting on the East End has been preoccupied with the arrival of the Kardashians. We all want to know exactly when they set foot on our sandy beaches, how they worked such a sweet deal in notoriously snooty Southampton to avoid paying rent on their store, and most importantly, will their presence devalue the exclusiveness of the Hamptons?

Well, we can't definitively answer these questions just yet, but shouldn't we reserve judgment until the K-crew debuts at an overpriced summer soiree? Perhaps jumping on the TMZ bandwagon that recently broadcasted- they'll attract trash, is not, in fact, the answer.

Let's review, locals have been livid about the d-bag factor, hipsters, and drinking on Indian Wells for the past few summers. The elitist culture can often feel quite insular to visitors and heaven forbid, day-trippers. So, perhaps, the Kardashians will actually shake things up. Let's be honest, most people still love rocking out to old-school Kanye West.

But, yes, we have our fears about these California loving folks dominating the social scene and purposely inciting paparazzi-fueled frenzies at traditionally subdued Hamptons haunts. June brings a lot of changes in this area, and we are genuinely curious to find out if the Kardashians are worthy of having an addendum in Steven Gaines' Philistines at the Hedgerow. We doubt they will actually have that much of an impact, but the gossip around town should prove to be cocktail party gold!