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Soludos Founder on Wanderlust & the Hamptons

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Glancing over at Nick Brown- he's a beach-loving charmer who prioritizes surfing and travel. But, don't be fooled by his laid-back personality, being the son of a British diplomat and a fashion model has served him well. The founder of Soludos, the insanely popular espadrilles that are sported by pretty much everyone in the Hamptons, lives the brand. Brown has positioned the chic footwear as a staple for outdoor living and boho globetrotting. We recently sat down with Brown in Southampton, outside of Tenet, one of the first retailers to carry the line, and he opened up wanderlust, his shoe fetish (hello, Soludos!), and all things Hamptons.

Where do find your fashion inspiration for Soludos?
It definitely comes from my travels. Whenever I'm traveling, I'm always taking pictures of different fabrics and textures. I think that's the thing with Soludos- we import fabric, real ikat that's handwoven in India and shibori that's hand dyed in Japan.

We heard that you caught the wanderlust bug. You were recently in Japan, right?
I was there a few weeks ago- we did 2 pop-up shops in Tokyo. We worked with this amazing store Beams, it's kind of the Barney's of Japan. We built 2 Montauk-inspired beach shacks in the middle of downtown Tokyo merchandised with neon colored surfboards and our espadrilles. It was really cool!
How did the market respond to a Montauk pop-up shop?
I think the simplicity of our espadrilles and Soludos translates quite well. But, it was surreal seeing our brand and neon surfboards in the middle of Tokyo.

So, what products are new for the summer?
We just started doing bags. Beach bags is where it all started; it's about going to the beach and everything in between. We're updating the classic espadrille with a lace-up style; it's more sporty. And, we're making beach towels in 5 different sun-kissed colors.

Your brand is so young. Why do you think that you have achieved so much success in the Hamptons?
It's a simple product, and it fits so perfectly with the Hamptons. People have taken kindly to it.

Agreed. So, dishing on the East End, what's your favorite beach here? Any love for Ditch Plains?
I love Ditch Plains! I always try to go out there early in the mornings.

What does your perfect day in the Hamptons look like?
For me, the best day in the Hamptons is going to the beach in the morning and having a few friends over to barbeque with and hang out by the pool. I want to have some good tunes going and have some wine. I like relaxing and getting out of the city. It's about chilling out and having a little peace and quiet. Each weekend out here just feels like a holiday.