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This Week in Strange, Weird & Terrible Listing Photos

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Let's take a look around listing photos from around the Hamptons to find examples of the strangest, the weirdest and the most terrible of them all. Come across one that we missed? Hit the always anonymous tipline!

Jungle love it's drivin' me mad, it's makin' me crazy.

Yes…we can almost make it out from here!

OK, this one sofa will face the wall, and the other can face the door. Neither will face the screen.

Nope. Don't know what the bowl of crap in the foreground is. Nope. Can't be bothered to move it for the photo.

HAS THERE BEEN SOME KIND OF NUCLEAR ACCIDENT? (Note: this is one of two photos for the listing.)

"All my retirement money is invested in Precious Moments figurines."

God, we need a drink after all this.