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Ultramodern Roger Ferris Design Sells Ultrafast

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We guess someone fell in love with this property quickly, because it's in contract already. The house, with design that "maximizes transparency between interior spaces," was on the market for $13M; we don't know the sales price (although we asked), but we guess it's fairly close to ask, considering it was on the market only a few weeks.

Next update is for this traditional farmhouse on one acre on Atlantic Avenue in Amagansett. This property also sold very quickly. We wonder if we'll be seeing two new Farrell homes on half an acre apiece by this time next year. Asking price was $4.1M; $2M seems about the going rate for a half acre in the Lanes.

Last update is for this pretty new house on Miller Lane in East Hampton. Most commenters (as well as yours truly) thought the house overpriced, given the tiny lot (0.19 acre) and the area, at $2.595M, but it seems to have sold for $2.275M.