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Gracious Old-School Southampton Equestrian Estate for $9.5M

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The price for this property, which includes the lovely c. 1913 house and about ten acres of land, has been all over the place, depending on whether an extra 12 acres of land was added. Originally it was listed at $11.45M back in 2011, then it was $19.5M in May 2012, when the additional land was included. By April 2013, the price was $16.75M with the extra land and $9.75M without it, then the price was increased to $9.95M by autumn. Now the ask is $9.5M.

So what do you get for your nine and half large? The main house, which is 5500sf and six bedrooms, needs some work. But there's stabling and a tack house, a pretty pool and pool house, two ponds where the owners' children used to skate in the winter, and 65 acres of conservation land to the west. What do you think the property will finally trade for?
· An Estate for All Seasons [Corcoran]