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5 Glam Ways to Get to the Hamptons!

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It's always a conundrum on how to get out to the Hamptons from the city! There's a ton of traffic, and it's never a fun experience. Well, here are 5 options that should make your commute a bit more, umm, pleasurable. C'mon, if arriving by a seaplane doesn't excite you, at least it will look supercool on your Instagram account!

Crowdsource your trip with Blade
The Skinny: Blade, a new iphone app, lets you charter a helicopter to the Hamptons to make sure you get the exact arrival time that you want. How rock star is that! To offset the cost, other passengers can log on the app and book open seats, hence the crowdsourcing feature. Bonus, if the weather does not cooperate, a Maserati will chauffeur you to the East End in style.
Cost: $450-$3,000

Catch a Tailwind
The Skinny: Tailwind is a new seaplane company looking to attract customers who want to arrive out east in style. These aircrafts cut out the wait time of an airport by taking flight from the New York Skyports Marina. Pretty smart! Passengers might not be able to rack up frequent flier miles, but booze is free. Hey, at least they know their audience!
Cost: $550

Fly the Whale
The Skinny: First off, we just love the name, and Fly the Whale has been in business for several years. Similar to Tailwind, this seaplane airline has the distinction of selling tickets in bulk to Frequent Whalers at deep discounts. Off peak tickets go for as low as $99, but don't expect that pricing until after Labor Day.
Cost: $550

Uber your ride
The Skinny: This company has been gaining popularity in New York by offering door-to-door service without the need for tipping the driver. Don't be fooled, that money is already built into the price. We read a few articles citing flat rate pricing, but after some digging around the website, we couldn't find these deals. However, we were quoted a price of $300 for taking a standard Uber X car from Union Square to Bridgehampton. Considering that this option seats up to 4 people, it's a pretty good alternative if you want to avoid the bus. Yes, the traffic is still intense, but don't underestimate the privacy factor.
Cost: Varies, especially during peak times

Magellan Jets
The Skinny: Let's be clear, this is not the frugal option, but the interior cabins of the Sikorsky S-76 just ooze with decadence. There's nothing subtle or inexpensive about Magellan, but you'll be at the beach in under an hour. Translation: you get what you pay for.
Cost: $6,924