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The Hamptons Free Ride Gets a Shiny, New Selfie Machine!

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Once upon a time, the Hamptons were a place of wonderment. Translation: the rest of the world wondered what in the Hell the over privileged actually did on the East End. Well, due to social media, those days of playing guessing games are gone. The Hamptons Free Ride shuttles are now equipped with selfie machines. Catch a ride to the beach in Southampton, East Hampton, Amagansett, or Montauk, and now it's possible to photograph every moment of your journey. Free Ride has made savvy partnerships with companies looking to promote brand awareness. Joe Fresh, Jet Blue, Top Shelf and many others are more than happy to shrink wrap the electric cars in their respective logos. Bonus, the passenger usually gets some type of promotional gift. Not too shabby. Of course, you could take the traditional route of taking pictures with your phone, but using an actual selfie machine is just so much cooler. Just remember, #TFRselfies for Instagram and Twitter.

Hamptons Free Ride