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Alec Baldwin's New Role: Fashion Muse

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Alec Bladwin, he just begs us to comment on his life. He recently went on a longwinded rant about leaving New York and his displeasure with his treatment in the media. So, color us surprised when we learned that his wife, Hilaria, partnered with Lexington Clothing Company and released the Hamptonite Collection. We don't want to point fingers, but we thought the couple was calling it quits with anything from the northeast. So, the name feels a bit awkward

Perhaps the pair is sweeping everything under the rug, because Alec is playing a new role. Apparently, he is the fashion inspiration for the Alec shirt dress. In an interview with Lexington Company, Mrs. Baldwin said, "The Alec shirt dress is inspired by my tendency to gravitate towards his lovingly worn shirts. I would find my favorite color (blue) and wear it belted during my pregnancy. We have come up with a designer version for women to wear every day." It sounds as though we will be seeing the couple around town this summer. Since the Kardashian's presence has been so buzzed about in the Hamptons, we're hoping Kanye will team up with Alec for yet another fashion line. Who would win out during those creative meetings? Hmmm….

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