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Summer 2014: Your New Celebrity Neighbors

[Scarlett Johansson via wikipedia]

Here in the Hamptons, we simple country folk mingle seamlessly with boldface names. Probably the one who's made the most headlines lately was our own Alec Baldwin, running off at the mouth as usual. Alec, we love you, but sometimes you gotta rein it in, pal. Baldwin bought a new house in East Hampton (which looks pretty nice from Hilaria's Instagram pics) and put his Amagansett place on the market.

Amagansett got a little sexier with Scarlett Johansson's purchase on Shipwreck Drive. Given that she's pregnant, she probably won't be hitting Clam Bar any time soon, but maybe she'll stop by perennial renters Bill and Hillary Clinton's Amagansett summer rental. Bill and Hillary: time to buy out here already.

Others who should buy out here are Jay-Z and Beyoncé, who looked at Sandy Gallin's property on Further Lane back in January. No further sightings of this power couple as yet, and considering they're touring together this summer, we don't know if they'll be renting in the Hamptons.

Power player David Geffen has purchased Courtney Sale Ross's Georgica Pond spread, Cody House. Geffen bought the place at a steep discount—something like $20 million off the initial ask of $75 million.

Another new Hamptonite is director Brian de Palma, who purchased a house in a flag lot off Pantigo Road in East Hampton. Speaking of directors, Steven Spielberg has put an empty lot near his Georgica Pond home up for sale. Hey, Clintons! Are you thinking what we're thinking? Build your summer White House right there.