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West Elm Comes to Water Mill!

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Ah the Hamptons- cue the Maidstone membership, billionaires, and chamber music. Hold up, things are changing at a breakneck pace, and life on the East End is more approachable. Yes, it's still pricey, but it's just not quite as lofty. Of course, there will always be occasions for spending boatloads of cash, but not everybody owns one of the Magnificent Seven. Enter West Elm!

The eclectic art scene on the South Fork reflects a renaissance in the décor world, and we are happy to report that West Elm is getting in on the action. The retailer is officially opening a new location on June 3rd in The Water Mill Shoppes. With Soul Cycle and SLT as neighbors, we are guessing that this store will be mobbed with customers that have serious stamina. Boasting trend-forward prints, we are seriously crushing on WE's outdoor furniture. Bonus, we hear that the first 300 customers will receive a custom beach bag with a minimum purchase of $50. If there's anything we know about the Hamptons, it's that everybody loves swag!