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LongHouse x Instagram!

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LongHouse Reserve, the 16 acre museum and sculptural garden, is a beacon of natural splendor juxtaposed against modern design. In a partnership with the Hearst Design Group, LongHouse is ready to show off the EXTERIORS exhibition to art fans around the world. And, how is the latest show, which highlights the majesty of outdoor décor, prepared to reveal itself? Instagram, of course! Actually, we love the idea of viewing high art through the eyes of casual onlookers. It just seems so organic!

LongHouse President Dianne Benson commented, "We are thrilled to introduce this cross-fertilization of ideas and throw open our doors to welcome all Instagrammers and view the best at our July 19th Gala with Cindy Sherman and Agnes Gund." Nine unique outdoor rooms will be posted via still images and video. Just don't forget the hashtag, #HearstLovesLongHouse. It might be a mouthful, but we are curious to see what intrigues showgoers. The display opens on Saturday, May 17th. Bonus, the most-loved entries will appear on the websites for Elle Decor, House Beautiful and Veranda, and be screened at the White Hot and Blue 2 Gala. Okay, on your mark, get set, now post on Instagram!