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Lisa Perry's Colorful Upbeat Style in East Hampton

Love Lisa Perry's bold, fun, vintage-style clothes? You're in luck—the Lisa Perry East Hampton store opens Friday, May 23, and the interior style is as attractive as the merchandise. Pick up beachy items like towels, swimwear, cover-ups, beach bags, and sportswear as well as Lisa's seasonal collections. There will also be Op Art-inspired tableware created in collaboration with Kelly Behun Studio, alongside Perry's own home collection. Lisa will also be offering a capsule collection of her favorite Manolo Blahnik shoes for summer.

Other areas inside the shop include a Lisa Perry and Popbar co-branded cart, and an exclusive selection of merchandise from the social e-commerce platform,, its first retail presence. Lisa says, "East Hampton was the obvious choice, since it is very close to my house where I spend the summer, and East Hampton has great shopping and foot traffic. I feel tremendous energy and excitement for the new product and concepts we will be debuting in the store—it will be a totally unique experience for people in the Hamptons."
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