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Live the Bucolic Life at Fulling Mill Farm for $6.95M

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This property used to be part of East Hampton's Fulling Mill Farm, which is now mostly preserve. It includes a 1790 horse barn, a two-bedroom pool house with kitchenette, a gunite pool, and a four-bay garage. There's only one thing missing: a house. Not to worry! The listing says the 1.88 acres allows for a sprawling 9400sf monstrosity lovely new abode.

What's with the name? Fulling is a step in making wool cloth. First, the wool is cleaned with soap or fuller's earth to eliminate oils, dirt, and other impurities. Next the cloth is struck with hammers to mat the fibers together (or felt it) to make the cloth stronger. Apparently there used to be a fulling mill on the site, when stronger creeks or springs that led into Georgica Pond could turn a water wheel.
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