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Modern Sag Harbor Home: Walls of Glass, Creepy Artwork

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This modern Sag Harbor house starts out pretty nicely—simple modern building, attractive kitchen, maybe a little too much black for our taste—and then slowly segues into WTF. The outside eating area is kind of shoved between two walls; then there's the foyer…wallpaper, is it? Or art? Which apparently consists of a lot of equations written on a blackboard. With some kind of Black Forest carved bear frame leaned against it. Sure. In the living room, the lighting fixture is apparently by a Mr. Alfred Hitchcock, while you'll be stared at by two full length portraits of men and a creepy teddy bear. Want to escape with a relaxing shower? Well, you can't, because there's a case of scary dolls inside the enclosure, while some hanged men lurk outside. The pool is nice, the view of Lily Pond is nice, at least according to the guy in the photo. Price is $2.5M; for that you get the 3000sf house with four bedrooms, 2.5 baths, on half an acre. You'll be relieved to know the artwork is not included, nor, presumably, the guy sitting by the pond.
· Architectural Marvel in Sag Harbor [Sotheby's via HREO]