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This Week in Strange, Weird & Terrible Listing Photos

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Let's take a look around listing photos from around the Hamptons to find examples of the strangest, the weirdest and the most terrible of them all. Come across one that we missed? Hit the always anonymous tipline!

Ho ho ho, merry August rental! The listing notes that the house is "designed for outdoor summer living." Given that this is the only picture, we'll have to take your word for it.

Great decorating idea: mirrored kitchen island. Now there are infinity stools!

Another great decorating idea: bored with your plain modern fireplace? Just hoick a French provincial mantel over it any old which way. Magic.

Yes, yes, set the table. That looks inviting for the photos. Don't bother picking the crap up off the floor, though.

You too. Don't bother picking the clutter off the bathroom counter.

Just put a dishtowel over the dishes in the rack. No one will notice.

OK, let me just zooooom out a little more to ensure I get the trash in the picture. Done!