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Richard Gere's House Now Slightly Less Insanely Overpriced

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If you'd been thinking since last summer, "Well, I'd certainly like to purchase Strongheart Manor, Richard Gere's North Haven estate, but frankly, I can't pay a penny more than $56 million," are you ever in luck! The property, rather humorously priced at $65M last year, has now had $9M shaved off it.

Is it worth $56M? We tend to doubt it, but it's still a lovely place, on prestigious Actors Colony Road. Strongheart was built in 1902 but has been renovated and expanded since then, with two additional guest houses, an outdoor fireplace pavilion, and of course a tea house set in the middle of a pond in front of the coastline. In all, there are twelve bedrooms and twelve baths in 12,000sf set on 6.3 waterfront acres.
· "Strongheart" North Haven, Waterfront [Sothebys]