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Sprawling Southampton Property Pricechopped by $2.5M

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Given the rather large pricechops this property has endured, perhaps we should quickly review its pluses and minuses. Pluses: outdoor pool plus fountain area overlooking the water. Indoor pool with spa if that's not enough water for you. Gorgeous views in elevated location over Shinnecock Bay. Huge 11,000sf house with nine bedrooms and 8.5 baths. Two steam showers and his-and-hers saunas. Meditation garden and private beach plus guest cottage with kitchen and bath. Minuses: the main living area resembles the lobby of a mid-price Florida hotel, including the views of the statue by the pool. As for the price, it was $8.995M last summer, and since then a hefty $2.5M has been sliced off, down to $6.5M. There's about 0.8 acre of land.
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