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Meadow Lane Estate 'Whitecaps' Pricechopped $3M

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This house, "Whitecaps," was designed by architect Eugene Futterman in 1983. It's a replica of an old Southampton house of the same name that washed away in the 1938 hurricane. We adore the façade. The interiors, well… they look like they haven't been updated since "Thriller" topped the charts, particularly the kitchen and bathrooms. (Get a load of the hilariously bad "art" in the master bedroom.) Price is $24.95M; it was chopped $3.05M in the past week. For that, you get 3.7 acres on Meadow Lane, with 167' of oceanfront, a gunite pool and tennis court. The house is 7500sf with six bedrooms and seven baths. We think it's a pretty good deal now; all the new owner has to do is freshen up the interiors and burn a little sage to remove the bad art vibes.
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